fp articleRepair and Maintenance Procedures

Connswater Homes has an efficient repair and maintenance system in place. The contractors used to carry out the work have all agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct when working in your home.

Repairs are split into 3 categories:

  1. Emergency - to be attended to within 24 hours,
  2. Urgent - within 4 working days, and
  3. Routine - within 20 working days.

Some repairs may be re-categorised after the initial inspection. There is also an out of hours emergency service which can be contacted on 0800 7313081.There are a number of repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility to carry out. If you leave your property in a poor condition or cause damage not considered as normal wear and tear you may also be re-charged for repairs.

If you live in a new build house, the contractor is liable for defects (usually for the first twelve months) this does not include deliberate or accidental damage. Such defects are normally attended to within specified timescales. You are strongly encouraged not to undertake major decorative work or interfere with electrics etc during this 12 month period as it may result in the contractor not having liability for problems that may occur.

Right to Repair Scheme

The Association operates a Right to Repair Scheme the object of which is to ensure that tenants have urgent, minor repairs which might affect their health, safety or security completed quickly by the Association’s contractors at no cost to the tenant. You may be entitled to compensation if this work is not carried out within predetermined time periods. This does not apply if we have been unable to gain access to your home. Download Right to Repair (PDF file) for further information.