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Engaging People In Communities (EPIC)

Why get involved?

We want to encourage as many tenants as possible to have their say and become engaged in a range of activities and events. We have produced a ‘Menu of Involvement’ ranging from giving us your opinions in a simple survey, right through to potential membership of our Continuous Improvement Panel (CIP).

In any of these activities you will never be on your own; we will offer help with completing forms, right through to relevant training for the more in-depth participation options.

epic pg3Some of the benefits of participation:

  • By being involved you are a representative of other people living in our homes
  • Gain an improved relationship with Connswater Homes
  • You will be more aware of neighbourhood issues
  • Gain a sense of real ownership by being actively involved
  • Contribute to improving the quality of service
  • You will have ways to ensure your views are heard and shared with other tenants
  • Opportunities to learn and gain skills which can help you when accessing education or employment opportunities
  • Learning can build your confidence to work alongside us and others
  • It can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience too

If you are interested in getting involved, or for more information on EPIC, please contact our Communities Officer, Tammy Rountree, on 028 9065 6155 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.