fp articleHome Contents Insurance

Could you find the money to replace the contents of your home if they were destroyed?

With competing pressures on your household budget, house contents insurance may not seem a priority right now. But we urge everyone, to have their possessions insured - after all, the contents of your home are YOUR responsibility.

If the contents of your home were destroyed or badly damaged by fire or flooding, could you find the money to replace them?

Over the past few years there have been many examples of extensive damage being caused by flooding, fire and severe cold spells resulting in burst pipes. Many of those who suffered had no insurance.

There are numerous contents insurance policies available and you can obtain details by looking in your Yellow Pages or contacting your local insurance broker.

We advise that you ensure you have cover for glazing

teninsuranceAlways remember to shop around and get several quotations, before making your final decision.

By thinking "It won't happen to me", you could cause a crisis you needn't have suffered. Get your possessions insured.