fp articleTenancy Fraud

Connswater Homes is committed to preventing, detecting and tackling tenancy fraud.

The demand for social housing is extremely high and the Common Selection Scheme is in place to help us house people with the greatest need. Connswater Homes will take appropriate action to prevent tenancy fraud.

What is Tenancy Fraud?

Tenancy fraud is the use of social housing by someone who is not entitled to it. There are different types of housing fraud. Here are some of the most common types:

  • If you give false information in a housing application form to improve the chances of getting a property. For example if you find private rented accommodation and don’t inform your local housing authority.
  • Abandonment of the property and living somewhere else. For example tenants who move out and let their adult children continue to live in the property.
  • Subletting the property to someone else. For example the tenant continues to pay rent directly to us but charges another person to live there.
  • False succession is where a tenant dies and someone, who is not entitled to, tries to take over or succeed the tenancy. They might, for example, say they lived with the tenant before they died, when in fact they were living elsewhere.
  • Unlawful assignment which occurs when a tenant has moved out and given the keys for the property over to a family member or friend.

How does Connswater Homes tackle Tenancy Fraud?

The Association takes tenancy fraud very seriously and will take action to regain possession of properties wherever we find evidence of tenancy fraud. Our Housing department will carry out regular checks as an integral part of letting and housing management activities to establish that the correct people are going to or are living in properties.

What can you do to help?

If you suspect someone is a tenancy cheat, please let us know. It could make a big difference to people in genuine need of housing. You can report your suspicions to our office on 028 9065 6155 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All information received will be taken seriously and treated in the strictest confidence.

It is unlawful and unfair to sublet and to profit from a property which could be given to someone legally entitled to occupy it